Garden Lawn Seeding & Re-Seeding in Banbury

Let TGM Landscapes over-seed your worn, tired or drought-damaged lawn.

Spring and Autumn are our favourite times for overseeding as strong grass seed germination relies on two main factors – soil temperature, and moisture. Grass seed typically requires an average soil temperature of at least 7-8ºC and frequent rainfall/watering is vitally important to ensure the grass seed germinates.

TGM Landscapes will closely mow then scarify all areas to be over-sown to ensure space is properly prepared in order that the grass seed can be incorporated into the thoroughly wetted surface soil – bypassing any thatch or organic matter present at the surface.

Our garden maintenance contract customers can benefit from our eagle-eyes team of gardeners spotting any potential causes of concern to lawns and nip them in the bud.

Call TGM Landscapes today on 01295 816 763 and let us sow the seeds to a better, healthier lawn.

So, how long does it take grass seed to grow?

The different seed mixtures we use will establish at different rates. In general,a hardwearing mixture usually containing  rye grass and red fescue (2 grass types that take quite quickly)  can germinate in as little as three or four days, though a week to ten days is more average. Higher quality mixes can take longer to take hold. Finer red fescues, bent grass or smooth meadow grasses will take longer to germinate, from a fortnight to three weeks germination.

Please note that all estimates will vary depending on the prevalent weather; germination tends to be faster when the weather is warm and damp and when cold and dry, germination can take much longer.

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