Garden Walls

TGM Landscapes builds & maintains many garden walls in the Banbury area.

A well-constructed wall can take many shapes within the garden environment; from tall, boundary and enclosing walls, through to a short course, only a few inches in height used to great effect to bring our landscaping designs to life.

Our extensive knowledge, coupled with a wide supplier network means that we can source a wide variety of brick, stone (and concrete) in just as many shapes that ensure that a TGM Landscapes built wall performs just as well structurally as it does aesthetically.

For hard-landscape wall building, decorative concrete blocks are by far the most popular type of walling block with many attempting to replicate the look of natural stone, to varying degrees of success. They tend to be produced in differing lengths and depths to further enhance the look of coursed walling stone, with ‘jumper blocks’ spanning two or more courses.

For hard-landscape wall building, the decorative concrete blocks are the most popular type of walling block. Many of these attempt to replicate natural stone, to varying degrees of success. They tend to be produced in differing lengths and depths to further enhance the look of coursed walling stone, with ‘jumper blocks’ spanning 2 or more courses.

Other non-decorative concrete blocks offer the ability of rendering in a whole host of textures and colours.

Garden Wall Maintenance

Banbury and the surrounding area has some truly beautiful period and listed buildings with well-established gardens – sometimes so well established that tree and bush roots have extended to undermine wall that had stood for many many years. TGM Landscapes can quickly appraise the situation at hand, offer and implement an effective course of action to maintain your walls.

Regardless of the structural requirements, detailing is extremely important in order to protect the brickwork from deterioration by the weather and to develop features for interest, after all, a freestanding brick wall is far more exposed to weather conditions than an external wall in a building.

Speak to TGM Landscapes and you’ll find that when talking walls, you won’t be banging your head against one so call us today on 01295 816 763 and let’s talk walls!

Our garden wall work in Banbury includes:

Reclaimed & Reproduction Bricks

Salvaged bricks have turned from being a cheap second best to a fashionable first choice. Bricks are ‘rescued’ from old buildings and cleaned up, to a fashion. We really know what to look for to make sure we source a decent quality rather than weakened bricks that will fail easy. Their charm, however, is undeniable although there can be a high level of wastage.

Most reclaimed bricks will be of the old Imperial sizes (2 5/8″ or 3″) which are incompatible with the modern metric bricks (65mm). Just because they have been rescued from house demolitions that they will be cheap – cleaning them up and sorting them is a labour intensive task and they can cost twice the price of a quality facing or a ‘reproduction’ reclaimed brick.

Wirecut Bricks

The clay is continuously extruded to a required size and shape and then cut into individual bricks by means of a wire, much the same way as a cheese is cut by cheesewire. With thousands of variations in colour and texture, these bricks are usually the cheapest facings available as the manufacturing process is highly automated.

Stock Bricks

With Stock bricks, the clay is wetted to a so-called “soft mud” then moulded into shape and allowed to dry prior to firing in the kiln. Although much of the process is automated, stocks tend to be slightly irregular in shape.. and usually a bit more expensive than wire cuts.

“I was extremely pleased with the work.”

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“TGM did a really good job with our sleeper retaining wall, sandstone patio and replacing some fencing.”

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“The work was completed to a high standard and to my satisfaction.”

Glenn Rees-JonesBanbury, Oxfordshire

“We were offered the chance to look at work done elsewhere, which helped us make a decision.”

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“Martin and his fellow workers were polite and courteous and completed the job fast and efficiently using good quality materials.”

Glenn Rees-JonesBanbury, Oxfordshire

“Excellent advice, careful work, intelligent solutions. Thank you!”

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