Garden & Driveway Gravelling in Banbury

There’s gravelling and there’s TGM Landscapes gravelling.

Gravelling has received a lot of negative opinion in recent years – probably it is the first port of call as a quick-fix, hide-all, job-done solution to cover a multitude of sins. Gravelling when, however, applied properly to a garden landscape can be extremely effective in enhancing the overall impression as well as the obvious benefits of drainage and bringing light to spaces.

At TGM Landscapes, we know how to properly prepare an area for gravelling, ensuring effective weed barriers are incorporated without becoming a drain on drainage, calculating suitable the depth of spread and selecting the right gravel mix to work in tandem with the location and established planting schemes.

And why stop at gravel, when there are now a variety of options available including slate in a range of grades and sizes, pebble mixes for spaces of high use that help to keep to gravel where you want it rather than it migrating south.

As you would expect from a professional garden landscaping business like TGM Landscapes, we are fantastic at working to schedule (and within budget) with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

Loose Gravel

Loose gravel is the traditional budget option that can look just as magnificent in front of a cottage as in front of a castle, though beware as loose gravel won’t perform well in certain situations, such as slopes. Many problems arise from it being laid too deep, or not compacting well due to with containing just rounded particles of the same size rather than angular particles of different sizes.

We are also extremely good at making good pre-gravelled areas suffering from the effects of less than perfect preparation – and we’re only a phone call away, so speak to us on 01295 816 763 and learn more of our gravelling skills


If you’re looking breath a fresh look to a tarmaced or concreted area without the expense of removal, consider a product called Colas, used to spray an area then a thin layer of gravel is then rolled in and the process repeated up to a three-layer application. It looks fairly similar to loose gravel, albeit much firmer, perhaps not with the same amount of charm.

Resin Bonded Gravel

Resin Bonded Gravel is gaining in popularity – totally immovable as it is fixed in place with a clear resin. It can be laid on slopes, washed, swept and driven on repeatedly without eroding, though is a more expensive option which requires laying onto a concrete or tarmac base.

Self Binding Gravel

Self-binding gravels don’t perform or react like ordinary loose gravel.  With a finer texture, clay particles are premixed in with the gravel. Once spread – usually to approximately 50mm in depth over a well prepared hardcore base the gravel is then rolled with a heavy roller while hosing water over the roller to compact it. The water brings the clay particles to the surface and thereby sealing the top.

“I was extremely pleased with the work.”

Ann FreeAdderbury, Oxfordshire

“TGM did a really good job with our sleeper retaining wall, sandstone patio and replacing some fencing.”

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“The work was completed to a high standard and to my satisfaction.”

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“We were offered the chance to look at work done elsewhere, which helped us make a decision.”

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“Martin and his fellow workers were polite and courteous and completed the job fast and efficiently using good quality materials.”

Glenn Rees-JonesBanbury, Oxfordshire

“Excellent advice, careful work, intelligent solutions. Thank you!”

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