Maintaining Garden Borders in Banbury

Let TGM Landscapes bring border control to your garden!

Much routine work in any garden involves keeping in control of borders and the maintenance of herbaceous perennials and we have the green fingers to maintain your garden borders – digging over the soil, weed removal, adding compost or fertiliser and caring for your existing plants and integration any new additions

Clearing flowerbeds and planting is ideally undertaken in the autumn or early spring. TGM Landscapes will divide large clumps of plants, usually discarding the centre of the clump – as this will be the older ageing part – because the active new growth happens around the edges. Herbaceous borders will only need this treatment every three to five years.

Staking and mulching will make a positive difference- staking plants in the spring, just as the plants start into growth, will prevent plants that may flop later on.

Mulching around plants will help to retain your soil’s moisture and in suppressing weeds.  We can apply a thicker mulch in spring which will pay dividends horticulturally later in the year. As the year advances TGM Landscapes can offer extra support where necessary such as deadheading any flowers that are going over – this not only will look better but it will actually encourage most plants to produce more flowers. If you prefer to delay or alternatively extend the flowering period in your borders we have a wealth of techniques we can employ.

The majority of borders should be ‘put to bed’ in late autumn with everything cut back and tidied up ready for the colder, darker, wetter winter month

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