Garden Lawn Turfing in Banbury

Let TGM Landscapes lay the lawn of your dreams

Whether as part of a complete garden landscaping project or just replacing an existing lawn area, you’ll find that we are highly skilled at turfing and re-turfing.

There are many different contributory factors that may be hampering the health and growth of an existing lawn many of which our experienced team can rectify as part of our lawn care programmes, but sometimes the problems lie deeper than you think – high clay content, so prevalent in many areas of Banbury, will cause a whole host of problems in itself, drainage, compactness and come the Summer months, huge cracks where the clay contracts.

Many lawns simply don’t stand a chance from day one – consider that the majority of lawns are laid in a rush when the house to which it belongs was originally being built; hardly any budget is allocated with turf laid on barely even ground consisting of a rubble of building waste including plastic sacks, timber, metal concrete, mortar and brick fragments – rather like sweeping dust under the carpet. This is never going to be conducive to a healthy lawn, but we can easily put things right.

TGM Landscapes will professionally cut any existing lawn away and as required, rotovate to the correct depth to ensure proper drainage, remove foreign items, level and landscape, then apply horticultural grade topsoil before laying the new turf, ensuring grassroots can quickly take root and flourish.

There is a multitude of grades of turf, each with its own consistency of grass seed offering a completely different type of lawn – from, fine short bladed grass ideal for bowling or golf greens requiring for cuts a week (yes four!) to longer bladed, slower growing grass for pastures and paddocks. Perhaps the most popular turf type for general domestic gardens is called Arena Turf – which is a blend of grass seeds ideal for modern demands.

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“I was extremely pleased with the work.”

Ann FreeAdderbury, Oxfordshire

“TGM did a really good job with our sleeper retaining wall, sandstone patio and replacing some fencing.”

Which? Trusted Traders ConsumerMay 2017

“The work was completed to a high standard and to my satisfaction.”

Glenn Rees-JonesBanbury, Oxfordshire

“We were offered the chance to look at work done elsewhere, which helped us make a decision.”

Which? Trusted Traders ConsumerMarch 2017

“Martin and his fellow workers were polite and courteous and completed the job fast and efficiently using good quality materials.”

Glenn Rees-JonesBanbury, Oxfordshire

“Excellent advice, careful work, intelligent solutions. Thank you!”

Which? Trusted Traders ConsumerMarch 2017